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MEET Dana 

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.

  Imagine…what is your paradise?      

Dana was one of the ‘fortunate ones’ to migrate to Maui in 1995.  Born and raised in New York (outside NYC), after college she had the opportunity to travel abroad working as a Civilian Contractor with the United States Military in Sales. On one of her trips back to New York from Asia Dana took a much needed rest on this beautiful island of Maui that she now calls home.  After 4 years working overseas as what she coined a “Career Gypsy”,
Dana was ready to settle down and knew that she wanted to live in a warm, exotic, eclectic environment with the ability to grow career wise and most important spiritually. Dana found herself and paradise here on Maui and feels passionate and blessed to be able to help others find their paradise too.  Dana lives in a magical place in Haiku tucked away in the jungle with her beautiful son and Husband. Together they pioneered a 2 acre parcel that was overgrown and without county water, phone or electricity…they live “off the grid”.


NOW ~ 2022

Whether you are looking for your private getaway, lush jungle retreat, beachfront condo, Mountain top villa, Country living, or a Vacant parcel to build on…Dana can assist and guide you in finding your own Maui, Hawaii paradise. “Real Estate is a serious business, its not just about Buying & Selling… I handle each Real Estate transaction and client as if it is my own personal Sale or Purchase”.

Allow Dana to help you find your....Peace On Maui

I’ve built my career around the principles of hard work, continued education, honesty and integrity –
in the past I have chosen not to Advertise, I love working with my referral clients. My focus is in the best interest of my clients and their needs; “I will guide you through the entire Real Estate process and hope to continue our relationship once the ‘deal is done’.”

THEN ~ Licensed in 2003

~My Real Estate career started in 2003. Have grown my Career, my marriage (to my best friend), my son who is now 20... and 19 years later - I still LOVE this business and helping my clients~

Throughout many years of providing service to clients, I have gained the experience and expertise necessary to make this process as seamless as possible. If you have any questions, simply reach out.

MEET Dana: Services


Below are some reviews from clients I’ve helped with Buying and/or Selling over the years.

I work with a variety of different clientele, from all walks of life. I love working with my referral clients. My focus is in the best interest of my clients and their needs. I will guide you through the entire Real Estate process and hope to continue our relationship once the 'deal is done'.

MEET Dana: Testimonials

Dana Ollech found the family compound Our family had been dreaming up for decades. We met on a Monday, she linked us to our forever home on a Wednesday! It was one of those things that only happens once in a lifetime... From start to finish, she exudes a level of excellence that is incredibly hard to find these days. In her work, she is articulate, thorough, and a tremendous negotiator! Her calmness and humor kept things easy and stress free throughout our drawn out Escrow. There is so much to thank her for!

Dana, Mahalo for your integrity and clear communication, you went above and beyond for us. Our family loves you so much, you're a dear friend now. You found our "Peace on Maui" and you are the Queen of the Jungle  ALOHA

Howard Family YELP "Lynx H"

We truly enjoyed working with Dana. We appreciated her "can do" attitude, attention to detail, and proactive approach to selling our property. She was very knowledgable, highly professional, and was always aware of latest property developments in our area. We trusted her completely - she has  integrity, honesty and was a calming and positive presence. She was always very quick to respond, was highly intuitive, offered good advice and always made us feel like we were her top priority.

Lesley Skingley ~ 10/2019 (Seller) Zillow Review

Dana is truly passionate about the profession she’s chosen and is an excellent realtor. She was very patient in helping me find my dream property and when I was unable to swing building my dream home she made selling not only profitable, but expedient. Dana has the experience and personality to  enable her to responsibly manifest her client’s wishes. Add integrity, follow through, creativity, and charm and you’ve got Dana Ollech

Sunny ~ 2/2019 (Seller) Zillow Review

Dana Ollech provides the best customer service and walks you through every step of selling your home to ensuring you have your new dream home.....Dana goes above and beyond to take care of you & Ohana.....Mahalo!!!

Ryanda Sarraude ~ 2019/2020 (Bought & Sold) Alignable Referral

I had the pleasure to work with Dana and her sellers. My clients were looking for a plot of land in Maui and Dana made the entire process a smooth and simply peaceful transaction.  She was so kind, generous, and quick to respond when ever we had a question or needed something from her.  I plan on passing on any and all Maui referrals I have to Dana as she is a true professional and she knows her stuff. Thanks again Dana my clients are so happy with the land they purchased :)

Pat R. (RS) ~ 2/2019 (Buyers Agent) YELP Review

Dana made the purchase of our property easy and pleasant. She is warm and caring and super efficient and professional . Answers emails , texts , calls quickly and thoroughly . We felt very well taken care of . It was a pleasure to have had her in our corner and we would use her for future purchases or sales.

Sabine Ronge ~ 2018 (Buyer) Zillow Review

We have been soo happy with Dana's professional and knowledgeable help.  She is very supportive and listened to our needs and really helped us find exactly what we were looking for.  She is an incredible realtor and has a kind, open minded and thoughtful personality.  She is very through, and quick with responding, and highly experienced.  I recommend her to anyone!

Naya R., Kihei ~ 2/2015 YELP Review

Dana is an amazing realtor whom is honest, patient, and an exceptional at finding exactly what we were looking for. She is very familiar with the local market and extremely helpful in all aspects the process for us to purchase our first home. We are so grateful and highly recommend her.

naya5 ~ 5/2014 (Buyer/Kihei) Zillow Review

Dana helped us find the current property we have just built a house on. She worked with us tirelessly over 2 years to find the perfect place in a tight market. She was always available, has impeccable integrity, and is a great advocate for your needs.

zuser20140518141552726 ~ 2013 (Buyer) Zillow Review

Dana Made our dream home come true on Maui. She was there when ever we needed her, answered every phone call. She really knew what we needed and what would work for us as a family. We found the house we wanted and she made it happen with the seller!
Thanks, Dana

Dan Fiske ~ 2013 (Buyer/Wailuku) Zillow Review

I am very thankful to Dana Ollech for her long and very professional support during our subdivision and sale of property on Maui.  She was extremely helpful during the long and difficult subdivision process as well as subsequent work on reaching the successful sale of our land.  

I found in Dana a charming and personable helper who combined hard work and good business sense with an approachable ease on all fronts.  She always responded quickly to our needs, calling long distance when necessary, to resolve difficulties and help us make the best choices.  Anyone involved in real estate interactions on Maui would be well served by Dana.  She has my highest recommendation.

Robin R., Narberth PA ~ 11/2013 YELP Review

Dana Ollech has been our agent to sell some rural land which we subdivided.  she came on board quite some time before we had final approval for the subdivision and stuck with us through the long and difficult process when it looked like a pay off for her was a distant possibility.  She was always available  for consultation and help and constantly kept us informed about the changing market.  She sold the first parcel  before final approval and kept the buyers happy and committed during the long wait.  She is always friendly and personable and a pleasure to deal with.  I recommend her highly.

Ken N., New Zealand ~ 11/2013 YELP Review

Our friends found the house of their dreams on Maui with Dana's help, so of course they recommended her when we began to look to join them. We had been searching on Kauai for a year and so had many opportunities to see realtors in action (or in-action!)  Dana became our friend on our first phone call. She was always a step ahead, enthusiastically feeding us the next property that fit our criteria. Unlike any other realtor we have ever worked with, she really "got in the trenches" with us and helped us to think about how each property suited us, compare it to others and to strategize offers.  Whenever we showed interest in a property Dana would always go the extra mile and dig out information, follow up on leads, contact all sorts of people, etc. to make sure we had every possible advantage in evaluating each potential place. Dana is an "energizer bunny" and keeps the search hopping. We would even go so far as to say that she has certain magical abilities to be at the right place at the right time and intuit the most ripe moment to act.
 Other factors in our life took us away from our Maui land search. If we had kept with it, we are confident Dana would have taken us all the way to a happy house-warming party. Thank You Dana for being our dream realtor.

Chandra R. ~ 11/2013 (Buyer/Search) YELP Review

Dana Ollech has been helping us for months with buying property on Maui.  We met a lot of realtors here, and she stands out from the crowd due to her integrity, impeccable honesty, and her caring heart.  On top of all this she is a diligent worker who goes the extra mile again and again, not just for money, but because she truly cares about her clients. She caught mistakes that the other realtor missed, and saved both parties time and money.   I'd highly recommend Dana, and we will definitely use her again.

Amy S. ~ 2/2013 YELP Review

I had the good fortune of working with Dana when purchasing a higher end home during a competitive market. There was a lot of negotiating and going back and forth with the seller and with other buyers who were trying to outbid us. At one point we lost faith that we would be able to secure the home  at all, but with total determination and skill, Dana helped us stay in the game until we did get the sale we were hoping for. And on another very different occasion, Dana helped us sell a home that we were underwater on. This required a different skill set and extreme tenacity, and although I was doubting whether the sale would go through, Dana eventually sewed up the deal for us. She is very hardworking, relentless in helping her clients get exactly what they need, always positive and helpful, and full of local knowledge. She's great for a seasoned buyer/seller and she would be great for someone who is new at the game and needs some real estate "hand-holding."

Nadia Wolf ~ 2011/2018 (Bought & Sold) Zillow Review

To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter to highly recommend Dana Ollech who served as my real estate agent during the spring of 2011 in Maui. Currently the market has been a very challenging one to work in and this could have been compounded by the fact that I live in California as much of the communication was done remotely.  However, Dana did an excellent job compiling a proper list of properties for me in a timely fashion. She also was very efficient at organizing a list of homes for me to visit while I was on the island and was very generous in her time offering her car to drive me from home to home to look at each property.
Dana has a great sense of humor and is very friendly which made the home buying process much easier for me.  She also had a very good knowledge of the island and properties/neighborhoods which greatly helped me in my decision. In a few short weeks, I finally found my dream home and feel confident that whoever works with her can expect the same. I also feel comfortable to allow you to call me in order to get further details on my experience working with Ms. Ollech.

Carlo Vitale ~ 10/2011

Dana we have been friends for many years.
When you got into the Real estate market I was excited for you as well as for me and my wife. I know your work ethic and was very happy when you decided to help us in our search for a home. As you know you showed us so many homes I forgot how many. We must have looked at over a hundred homes on the internet and in person. Your schedule always revolved around us and you were always there to show us property.
You spent countless hours
on the road and online to find us what we wanted. I know we were difficult and very picky. You never faltered and hung in there with us until we found the right spot to settle down.
All through the process, and oh what a process buying a house is, you walked us through step by step. You explained each step in the process and tried to give us the best and worst case scenarios on timing.
You never pushed your way of thinking on us but rather gave us options. All through the
process you listened to what we wanted and answered the countless number of questions we had. I believe in all of the cases where you told us how long steps in the process would take, they either happened before or on time to what you stated. In dealing with the other real estate agent you were fair and respectful even when I had issues with her. If we were to ever buy another property I would definitely call you. The experience was positive and we felt as comfortable as one can when committing to such a large commitment of owning a home .....
Keep up the stellar service and the work that you do. Thanks again for everything.

Roger & Janki Russell ~ 2/2010

Aloha Dana, I want to thank you in writing for the outstanding service we have received from you for the last 2-3 years.  When we started looking for property on Maui, we had no idea how difficult it would be and how long it would take.  In spite of our difficulties in obtaining financing (due to the current economic conditions, not our stellar credit rating); and in spite of our perhaps somewhat unrealistic expectations, you never failed to greet us with optimism and competence.  Your technical expertise and knowledge of Maui (much more than just the real estate market) is superb and was very reassuring.  When you didn’t know how to answer our questions, you invariably found us the resource we needed for the information we wanted.

Now that we have found a wonderful place to build in Haiku, we hope to recommend you to everyone we know as an excellent and enjoyable companion on a journey to their new space on the planet.   And we hope, for your sake, that you won’t have to call on quite so much of your exceptional patience. As we spend more time on Maui in future, I hope we may even become friends so we can enjoy other aspects of you and your lively family.

Aloha and mahalo

Sal Bodnar and Jobst Frohberg ~ 11/2008

Dana was amazing!!! I was looking for over a year before I found what I was looking for and Dana was there for me every step of the way. I ended up buying a short sale and it took over nine months before we heard back from the bank but Dana would check on it every week and send me updates even if  the bank was not on it , she was. She is a true professional in every sense of the word. Would recommend her to anyone.. And have. She is now helping my sister find her vacation getaway and helping my sister's best friend find a high end luxury home here on Maui.

Anneve S._user865966 ~ 2009  (Buyer/Kihei) Zillow Review

Dear Dana, This letter is long over due, but we wanted to express our sincere gratitude to you for your professionalism, persistence, research and timely communications in our pro-longed real estate search on Maui. 

Many if not most agents would have "thrown in the towel" conducting a search as you did for us. You never demonstrated any outward signs of frustration showing us around to view multiple properties each time we visited the island, even though you knew some of these properties we requested to see would not meet our requirements.  You consistently researched our questions in addition to highlighting issues with certain properties that we, as mainlanders, would not have been aware of.

It is almost without question, that the closing on our property, touch and go as it was at times, would not have happened without your determination, negotiating skills and understanding of our rights.

In closing, we appreciate all your efforts and will make ourselves available should you have any future clients that request a reference for a realtor that goes beyond the call of duty in representing her clients.

We truly enjoy our home on Maui, and cannot thank you enough for sticking with us and guiding us through the home buying experience with "Aloha" spirit.  Sincerely, 

John Jackson & Sandy Miller ~Ron Pfenning & Don Rocchio (Buyer Maui Meadows) July 1, 2009/Letter

A dream of ours has been to purchase a home on the northshore of Maui and subsequently make the move from the mainland to Hawaii. You have helped make that dream a reality. We really appreciate the time you have invested in our purchase.  The property we were purchasing required extra diligence, creativity, and follow up. All of which you happily provided even going above and beyond to ensure complete understanding and confidence.
You helped walk us through every aspect of this process, with insight, practical advise, and attention to detail that helped us truly understand the property's specific issues.  I want to thank you for your undivided attention to our purchase. You constantly kept us updated to new developments and progress.  Answering questions, making suggestions, and providing resources even after the property had closed. Thank you so much for all of your efforts and for devoting so much time and energy to help make our dream come true.

Jeff & Val ~ 12/2007

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